The Kachina Motel
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The Kachina Motel is a gathering place for all kinds of people--those who are confident collectors as well as those who are just discovering the fascinating world of Hopi kachinas (katsinas). Our goal is to provide resources for private collectors and to meet the need for easy-to-implement collection management information.

​Our guides are written in a conversational tone and are based on our personal experiences (both good and bad!) in establishing a collection. In addition, we draw on published sources and the expertise of museum curators, longtime professional dealers, and Hopi artisans themselves to provide accurate and useful advice.

​Visitors to The Kachina Motel can also find authentic items available for purchase--from katsina dolls to vintage Native American and Mexican silver jewelry, textiles, and hard-to-find books. These items include convenient links to our Trocadero storefront, where checkout is easy.

Enjoy your stay!

Visit us at Art of The Americas at the Marin Civic Center, February 21-23, 2014.